Karajan – Symphony Edition (38CDs) – DG

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Vol.01 CD 01-06 Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphonies 1–9; 6 Overtures
Vol.02 CD 07-09 Johannes Brahms: Symphonies 1–4; Tragic Overture and Haydn Variations
Vol.03 CD 10-18 Anton Bruckner: Symphonies 1–9
Vol.04 CD 19-25 Joseph Haydn: “Paris” – “London” Symphonies
Vol.05 CD 26-28 Felix Mendelssohn: Symphonies 1–5
Vol.06 CD 29-31 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Late Symphonies (nos. 35–41) and nos. 29, 32, 33
Vol.07 CD 32-34 Robert Schumann: Symphonies 1–4; Overture, Scherzo and Finale Fourth Symphony
Vol.08 CD 35-38 Peter Tchaikovsky: Symphonies 1–6

Composer: Ludwig van Beethoven, Johannes Brahms, Anton Bruckner, Joseph Haydn, Felix Mendelssohn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Robert Schumann, Peter Tchaikovsky
Performer: Agnes Baltsa, Peter Schreier, Anna Tomowa-Sintow, José Van Dam
Orchestra: Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Vienna Singverein, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor: Herbert von Karajan

Karajan – Symphony Edition 2838CDs 29.part01.rar
Karajan – Symphony Edition 2838CDs 29.part02.rar
Karajan – Symphony Edition 2838CDs 29.part03.rar
Karajan – Symphony Edition 2838CDs 29.part04.rar
Karajan – Symphony Edition 2838CDs 29.part05.rar
Karajan – Symphony Edition 2838CDs 29.part06.rar
Karajan – Symphony Edition 2838CDs 29.part07.rar
Karajan – Symphony Edition 2838CDs 29.part08.rar
Karajan – Symphony Edition 2838CDs 29.part09.rar
Karajan – Symphony Edition 2838CDs 29.part10.rar
Karajan – Symphony Edition 2838CDs 29.part11.rar
Karajan – Symphony Edition 2838CDs 29.part12.rar
Karajan – Symphony Edition 2838CDs 29.part13.rar
Karajan – Symphony Edition 2838CDs 29.part14.rar
Karajan – Symphony Edition 2838CDs 29.part15.rar
Karajan – Symphony Edition 2838CDs 29.part16.rar
Karajan – Symphony Edition 2838CDs 29.part17.rar
Karajan – Symphony Edition 2838CDs 29.part18.rar
Karajan – Symphony Edition 2838CDs 29.part19.rar
Karajan – Symphony Edition 2838CDs 29.part20.rar
Karajan – Symphony Edition 2838CDs 29.part21.rar
Karajan – Symphony Edition 2838CDs 29.part22.rar
Karajan – Symphony Edition 2838CDs 29.part23.rar
Karajan – Symphony Edition 2838CDs 29.part24.rar
Karajan – Symphony Edition 2838CDs 29.part25.rar

Netrebko: Russian Album – Gergiev – DG

Covers + lossless, Not my Rip

Anna Netrebko – Russian Album

V pole, pole, cistoye glyazu (from A Life for the Tsar)

Cudo, kak khorosa ona (from War and Peace)

How fair this spot, Op. 21 No. 7
Sing not, O lovely one (Ne poi, krasavitsa, pri mne), Op. 4 No. 4

Ti, carevic, moy spasitel (from The Tsar of Saltan)
Akh, bednaya Snegurocka, dirkarka! – S podruzkami po yagodu khodit (from The Snow Maiden)
Velikiy car! Sprosi menya sto raz (from The Snow Maiden)
Ivan Sergeyic, khoces (from The Tsar’s Bride)

Octgo eto prezde ne znala ni toski ya (from Iolanta)
Yesli ti khoces, zelannaya (Do not wrongly compare me with other men), Op. 38 No. 6

Anna Netrebko, Dmitry Voropaev, Vladimir Moroz
Orchestra of the Mariinsky Theatre, Chorus of the Mariinsky Theatre, Valery Gergiev

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Shostakovich: Symphony No.7 "Leningrad" – Mata – Dorian

Covers + lossless, Not my Rip

Symphony No. 7 in C major, Op. 60 (Leningrad)
Composed by Dmitry Shostakovich
Performed by Dallas Symphony Orchestra
Conducted by Eduardo Mata

Bernstein – Copland: Symphony No.3 – Quiet City – DG

Covers + lossless, Not my Rip

Late in his career, Leonard Bernstein returned to the greatest orchestral work by his lifelong friend, Aaron Copland, with a performance that eclipsed all others, including Bernstein’s own previous recording of the Symphony no. 3 on Sony. Though Copland’s stock still hadn’t climbed back to its present height, Bernstein gave the music a grandeur that made you forget how much of a cliché the Fanfare for the Common Man–which was worked into the finale of the Third–can be. In fact, many of the world-stopping qualities Bernstein brought to his second Mahler cycle for Deutsche Grammophon seem much in evidence here, with the New York Philharmonic playing as though its collective life depended on it. –David Patrick Stearns


Blu-ray – Waldbuhne – An Evening with Renee Fleming – Marin

BD-25 Single-Layer Disc | 1080i/AVC MPEG-4 | 02:05:59 | 20.23 GB
Audio: DTS-HD MA 5.1, LPCM 2.0

The Waldbühne Concert given by the Berliner Philharmoniker marks the end of the 2009/10 season. More recently visitors to the orchestra’s Waldbühne concerts have been regaled by some of the greatest opera singers of our age, including such operatic legends as Plácido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti, the Mexican tenor Rolando Villazón and the wonderful Russian soprano Anna Netrebko.

A further high point in the history of the Waldbühne concerts was undoubtedly the appearance of the charismatic American soprano Renée Fleming, who brought to this “Night of Love” her soft-toned but richly coloured voice. “It’s such a beautiful place,” she told the Berliner Zeitung. “When you’re standing there on the stage, you have the feeling that you can sing into the sky.” Concert-goers must have been able to share this feeling when a singer described by the Daily Telegraph as the “queen of the Metropolitan Opera” sang the highly poetical Song to the Moon from Dvorák’s opera Rusalka and gazed lovingly at the orbiting moon, which had just become visible in the night sky.


Tubin: The Symphonies (5CDs) – Jarvi – BIS

Covers + lossless, Not my Rip

Symphony No.1
Orchestra: Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra
Soloists: Ola Karlsson (cello), Bjorn Sjogren (viola), Bernt Lysell (violin)

Symphony No.2 (“Legendary”)
Orchestra: Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra
Soloists: Bjorn Sjogren (viola), Bernt Lysell (violin), Bengt Forsberg (piano)

Symphony No.3 (“Heroic”)
Orchestra: Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra
Soloist: Bernt Lysell (violin)

Symphony No.4 (“Sinfonia Ilirica”)
Orchestra: Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra

Symphony No.5
Orchestra: Bamberg Symphony Orchestra

Symphony No.6
Orchestra: Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra
Soloists: Jorgen Pettersson (saxophone), Bengt Forsberg (piano)

Symphony No.7
Orchestra: Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

Symphony No.8
Orchestra: Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra
Soloist: Bernt Lysell (violin)

Symphony No.9 (“Sinfonia Semplice”)
Orchestra: Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

Symphony No.10
Orchestra: Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

Toccata for orchestra
Orchestra: Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

Kratt, ballet Suite
Orchestra: Bamberg Symphony Orchestra

Wagner: Lohengrin (3CDs) – Kempe – EMI

Covers + lossless, Not my Rip

Despite all the praise heaped on Solti’s Ring (and rightly so), it wasn’t the only extraordinary Wagner opera project from the early 1960s that featured the Vienna Philharmonic in incandescent form. Rudolf Kempe may not have been a podium superstar, but he was an inspiring musician, a seasoned man of the theater, and an absolute genius when it came to balancing orchestras. If you think, as some understandably do, that Wagner’s Lohengrin is often four square in its phrase shapes and dramatically plodding, Kempe will convince you otherwise. Time and again we are struck by how the Vienna Philharmonic, collectively and individually, sets the emotional and dramatic tone for what happens on stage. And what a cast! Elisabeth Grümmer, who remains the most three-dimensional Elsa on record, partnered Jess Thomas in the title role. He is slightly less involved under the microphone’s scrutiny than his more unbuttoned live Bayreuth performance under Sawallisch a few years earlier. Christa Ludwig and Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau bring riveting authority to Ortrud and Telramund, and the veteran Gottlob Frick’s eloquent King Henry also stands out. EMI’s 20-bit facelift offers a tinge more presence than the label’s previous CD transfer, but if you own the latter there’s no need to replace it. At mid-price, though, you can’t get a better Lohengrin than this. It belongs in every serious Wagner collection.

–Jed Distler, ClassicsToday.com


Bernstein – Copland: Symphony No.3 – Symphony for Organ & Orchestra

Covers + lossless, Not my Rip
Leonard Bernstein’s performance of Copland’s Third Symphony has had to wait a long time before finally appearing on CD. Part of the delay no doubt stemmed from the fact that DG released a second, later recording with the same orchestra, in digital sound. Comparing the two versions, both of which are very good, one prefers this first performance. Not only does the music move a bit more quickly, with sharper rhythms and a stronger sense of the dance (never far from Copland’s musical thoughts), but the sonics are more naturally pleasing. The coupling is a terrific performance of the early Organ Symphony, which the composer wrote for his teacher, Nadia Boulanger. –David Hurwitz

Richter: Vol.06 – Beethoven: Piano Sonatas Nos.3-4, 27 – Olympia

Covers + lossless, Not my Rip

1. PIANO SONATA NO. 3 IN C MAJOR, OP. 2 NO. 3: I. Allegro Con Brio
2. PIANO SONATA NO. 3 IN C MAJOR, OP. 2 NO. 3: II. Adagio
3. PIANO SONATA NO. 3 IN C MAJOR, OP. 2 NO. 3: III. Scherzo. Allegro
4. PIANO SONATA NO. 3 IN C MAJOR, OP. 2 NO. 3: IV. Assai Allegro
5. Piano Sonata No. 4 In E Flat Major, Op. 7: I. Allegro Molto E Con Brio
6. Piano Sonata No. 4 In E Flat Major, Op. 7: II. Largo, Con Grand’ Espressione
7. Piano Sonata No. 4 In E Flat Major, Op. 7: III. Allegro – Minore
8. Piano Sonata No. 4 In E Flat Major, Op. 7: IV. Rondo. Poco Allegro E Graziozo
9. Piano Sonata No. 4 In E Flat Major, Op. 7: I Con Vivicita E Sempre Con Sentimento Ed Espressione
10. Piano Sonata No. 4 In E Flat Major, Op. 7: Non Troppo Presto E Molto Cantabile

Medtner: Piano Sonatas (complete) & Piano Works – 7CDs – Brilliant

Covers + lossless, Not my Rip

1. Primavera (Spring Tale), Forgotten Melodies Second Cycle Op. 39 No. 3
2. Meditation, Forgotten Melodies Second Cycle Op. 39 No. 1
3. Fairy Tale in E flat major Op. 26 No. 2
4. Fairy Tale in F minor (Ophelia’s Song) Op. 14 No. 1
5. Fairy Tale in E minor (March of the Paladin) Op. 14 No. 2
6. Fairy Tale in G major Op. 9 No. 3
7. Fairy Tale in D minor
8. Fairy Tale in С sharp minor Op. 35 No. 4
9. Three Hymns in Praise of Toil Op. 49
(No. 1: Before Work; No. 2: At the Anvil; No. 3: After Work)
10. Elegy Op. 59 No. 2
11. Dithyramb Op. 10 No. 2
Hamish Milne, piano

Sonata Triad Op. 11
1. No. 1 in A flat major
2. No. 2 in D minor, Elegy
3. No. 3 in С major
4. Sonata in E minor Op. 25 No. 2 “The Night Wind”
Hamish Milne, piano

1. Sonata in G minor Op. 22
Romantic Sketches for the Young, Op. 54
2. Prelude, Pastorale
3. Skazka, Bird’s Tale
4. Prelude, Hymn
5. Skazka, The Beggar
6. No. 1 in С minor
7. No. 2 in С minor
Three Novelles, Op. 17
8. No. 1 in G major, Daphnis 8t Chloe
9. No. 2 in С minor
10. No. 3 in E major
11. Sonata in A minor Op. 30
Hamish Milne, piano

Sonata in F minor Op. 5
1. Allegro
2. Intermezzo: allegro
3. Largo
4. Allegro risoluto
Second Improvisation (in variation form) Op. 47
5. Theme: song of the Water-nymph
6. Var. 1: Meditation
7. Var. 2: Caprice
8. Var. 3: Winged dancers
9. Var. 4: Enchantment
10. Var. 5: Humoresque
11. Var. 6: On the waves
12. Var. 7: Roar of the crowd
13. Var. 8: In the forest
14. Var. 9: The wood-spirit
15. Var. 10: Elves
16. Var. 11: Gnomes
17. Var. 12: Invocation
18. Var. 13: Threat
19. Var. 14: Song of the water-nymph
20. Var. 15: Storm
21. Conclusion
Hamish Milne, piano

Sonata-Ballade in F sharp major Op. 27
1. Allegretto
2. Introduzione, Mesto
3. Finale, allegro
Four Skazki Op. 34
4. In В minor “The Magic Violin”, tempo cangiando, abbandonamente
5. In E minor, allegro cantabile e leggiero
6. In A minor, allegretto tenebroso
7. In D minor, molto sostenuto e semplice
Sonata Romantica in В flat minor Op. 53 No. 1
8. Romanza, andantino con moto ma sempre espressivo
9. Scherzo, allegro
10. Meditazione, andante con moto
11. Finale, allegro non troppo
Hamish Milne, piano

Forgotten Melodies, Second Cycle, Op. 39
1. Meditazione
2. Romanza
3. Primavera
4. Canzona matinata
5. Sonata tragica
Two Skazki Op. 48
6. Dance Tale
7. Elves’ Tale
8. Etude in С minor
9. I loved thee, Op. 32 No. 4
10. Sonata minacciosa, Op. 53 No. 2
Hamish Milne, piano

Two Pieces for Two Pianos Op. 58
1. Russian Round Dance
2. Knight Errand
Sonatina in G minor
3. Allegretto ma non troppo
4. Scherzo
5. Moment Musical in С minor, Gnomenklage, Op. 4 No. 3
6. Prelude in E flat major Op. 4 No. 4
Sonata-Skazka in С minor Op. 25 No.1
7. Allegro abbandonamente
8. Andantino con moto
9. Allegro con spirito
10. Sonata Reminiscenza Op. 38 No. 1
Sonata-Idylle in G major Op. 56
11. Pastorale, allegretto cantabile
12. Allegro moderato e cantabile
Hamish Milne, piano
Boris Berezovsky, piano II
Geoffrey Tozer, piano

Glazunov: The Symphonies (6CDs) – Svetlanov

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Glazunov (1865–1936): The Symphonies
CD1: “Ocean” – Symphonic Fantasy Op.28, Symphony No.1 in E major, Op. 5 “Slavic”
CD2: Symphony No.2 in F sharp minor, Op. 16
CD3: Symphony No.3 in D major, Op. 33
CD4: Symphony No.4 in E flat major, Op. 48 – Symphony No.6 in C minor, Op. 58
CD5: Symphony No.5 in B flat major, Op. 55 – Symphony No.7 in F major, Op. 77 “Pastorale”
CD6: Symphony No.8 in E flat major, Op. 83

The USSR Symphony Orchestra
Svetlanov, Conductor

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