Wolf – Italienisches Liederbuch – Bonney – Hagegard – Parsons – Teldec

Covers + lossless, Not my Rip

“Wolf’s settings of Paul Heyse’s mid-19th-century translations of Italian folk verses offer an intricate and colourful tapestry of reflections on life and love. The craftsmanship of these songs is truly amazing. The piano writing has a definite life of its own. Wolf has the vocal lines and piano accompaniments in almost constant dialogue, totally independent but each one subtly complementing and being complemented by the other. In this respect, Parsons’s musical interplay with the singers is masterly. Bonney’s delivery and interpretation range through meltingly beautiful pianissimo phrasing to feisty playfulness. Her voice now has an almost iridescent quality. Hagegård provides several haunting and poignant cameos with his distinctive warm baritone, but he is occasionally prone to roughness, sounding strained rather than passionate. This is a vivid and characterful recording with some magical moments, particularly from Bonney.”

— Elise McDougall, BBC Music Magazine

Italienisches Liederbuch by Hugo Wolf
Performer: Geoffrey Parsons (Piano), Håkan Hagegård (Baritone), Barbara Bonney (Soprano)
Period: Romantic
Written: 1891-1896; Vienna, Austria

Wolf: String Quartet – Italian Serenade – CPO

Covers + lossless, Not my Rip

1. Str Qt in d: Grave-Leidenschaftlich Bewegt
2. Str Qt in d: Langsam
3. Str Qt in d: Resolut
4. Str Qt in d: Sehr Lebhaft
5. Intermezzo in E flat: Massig
6. Italienische Serenade in G: Molto Vivo