Ravel – Violin Sonatas – Tzigane – Juillet – Roge – Mork – Decca

Covers + lossless, Not my Rip

The delightful twist here comes with the gypsy shenanigans that is Tzigane, where the excellent Pascal Rogè plays on a piano hooked up to an attachment known as a “luthèal.” This device was, apparently, employed for the piece’s 1929 first performance and transforms the sound into somewhere between an impeccably tuned pub upright and a Hungarian cimbalom (used so profitably by Kodàly in his Hàry Jànos). Chantal Juillet is perhaps not as sultry or charismatic as some rivals, but Rogè is his usual impeccable self, and this remains an intriguing document. Elsewhere, Juillet and Rogè fashion a stimulating alliance in the two sonatas for violin and piano (the earlier of which is a student work from 1897–and thoroughly lovely it is too!), though Cho-Liang Lin and Paul Crossley on a rival Sony anthology are in some ways even more commandingly perceptive. On the other hand, Juillet is at her very best in the under-appreciated Sonata for violin and piano, where she is partnered by that consummate Norwegian cellist, Truls Mork. Beautiful sound and generous measure to boot. Rest assured, this is a very good disc indeed. –Andrew Achenbach

1. Tzigane Chantal Juillet 10:22
2. Pìece en forme de habanera Pascal Rogé 3:37
3. Sonate posthume for Violin and Piano Chantal Juillet 16:04
4. Berceuse sur le nom de Gabriel Fauré Chantal Juillet 3:01
5. Sonata pour violon et violoncelle – 1. Allegro Truls Mörk 5:32
6. Sonata pour violon et violoncelle – 2. Très vif Truls Mörk 3:26
7. Sonata pour violon et violoncelle – 3. Lent Chantal Juillet 6:39
8. Sonata pour violon et violoncelle – 4. Vif, avec entrain Chantal Juillet 5:46
9. Kaddish – Trans. Lucien Garban Chantal Juillet 5:37
10. Violin Sonata in G – 1. Allegretto Pascal Rogé 8:37 £1.09
11. Violin Sonata in G – 2. Blues (Moderato) Chantal Juillet 5:29
12. Violin Sonata in G – 3. Perpetuum mobile (Allegro) Chantal Juillet 4:02

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